Shanu Mathew is currently a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

Professional experience includes working at a global asset manager with ~$200+ billion AUM focused on Sustainable Investing. Prior to joining Lazard in 2021, Shanu was a Vice President and Head of ESG at First Eagle Alternative Credit, a $20 billion+ alternative asset manager.

Previous experiences include Strategic Finance at Expanse (acquired by PANW for ~$1 billion) and Tech/ Healthcare M&A banking at Evercore (~$40 billion of transaction experience).

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Shanu Mathew

Very curious what $/ton these were procured at. Imagine massive discount as an initial buyer & of scale.

1PointFive to sell 500,000 tons of carbon removal credits to Microsoft over 6 years, using Direct Air Capture. It is the largest such CDR deal to date, illustrating adoption.

"One of the great mistakes in life is suffering for years because you didn't want to feel foolish for five minutes… Nobody likes feeling foolish, but the feeling fades quickly. The willingness to endure five minutes of discomfort turns out to be a meaningful dividing line in

China prioritizing sectors, subsidizing them, and then letting companies fight it out at scale has resulted in a lot of overcapacity that will need to be digested by businesses shuttering and demand growing. Def see this in solar, lithium, etc.

“The predicament is visible across

Is this the first site closure for a newer EV plant/factory due to weakened demand? Anyone else tracking these if it's bigger than just this one?

"Volkswagen warned it may close the Brussels site of its luxury brand Audi due to a sharp drop in demand for high-end electric cars

Interesting tidbit from head of MS global capital markets in BNEF:

"What about green convertible bonds? We did a lot of convertibles for companies last year that were kind of in the energy transition space. You tend to see higher growth companies that are still evolving, or

"Hedge funds are piling into power, drawn by volatile electricity and natural-gas prices that could remain turbulent... Global trading volumes for electricity futures jumped by 35% between 2019 and 2023, data from a McKinsey study showed. Some regions have seen much bigger


This is one of the reasons I'm so interested in distributed generation and batteries: together they make our energy system more resilient.

Countries with a weak electricity grid close to the equator can skip the old centralized model altogether, especially in rural areas.

The capex costs of an AI-heavy data-center are broken down across 20 different cost lines @energy_said @rob_by_robwest

i) IT is the bulk of spend by a wide margin
ii) GPUs are the vast majority of the IT spend

All the other facets of the data center that are important are still

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